Veronika Levak, Yoga Trainerin Studio 1 Pforzheim

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My path of yoga started about 3 years ago, as I read some of the life-changing books and explored more of philosophical and historical side of yoga. Afterwards the asana practice came in as well and after a year I decided to join a one year teacher training to deepen my personal knowledge and share it later with other people as a teacher. My wish and intention is therefore to create a safe space in class and make people comfortable and welcome in their body /mind throughout the practice.

  • 2020 / 21 YTT Program at Agniyoga Studio 300 h
  • 2021 Yoga Synergy Online Course ASANA BIOMECHANICS of 84 Postures
  • 2019 Completion of beginner and advanced program of Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering program

Freitag, 18:30 – 19:45
04.02. – 08.04.2022

Yoga Flow Mantra

As yoga is a way of your life journey, my classes follow the so called kusala reactions* of oneself. These are attention, concentration, kindness, love and benevolence . I believe that first through physical observation of our body and concentration on movements we can let go of any accumulated tensions and hence invite mindfullness into our space. Along with breath observation, meditative practices as well as using our voice, we let go of things that no longer serve us and welcome peace, love and understanding. I am pleased to create a safe and pleasant environment for your body and mind.

Om Mani Padme Hum!

*the term comes from four noble truths in early Budhism, where one of them is the truth of end to suffering and kausala represents a positive reaction in it


Yoga Flow Mantra

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